Learning as I go…

Hello friends.
It’s been too long.
Back in March, I was preparing to speak in front of a group of moms about one of my passions… creating simplicity in a world that seeks chaos. It was wonderful. They were such an inspiring group, and I only hope that they learned half as much as I did.
I decided it was time to shift my blog from what it had accidently become… a blog about simplicity and grief, to what I had first imagined it… a blog about simplicity. Without really meaning too, I waited for a night that I could sit down and write about one without the other. And here I am, two months later without a single post.
I sit down almost every night. I try to write. But it turns out, I can’t separate the two right now, not yet.
I have fun news to share, my friends, and I have tried to write about the sweet without the bitter, and I learned that I can’t. Not yet, anyway. So I promise I will just take it as it comes, and just write my truth from this point forward, as I had done from the start of this adventure.
I’ll save my updates and my fun news for another night. Tonight I have stopped fighting the truth and am allowing a couple of months of grief to break though the flood gates. It’s painful and necessary and I am a bit brokenhearted. Learning as I go.
I just had to remind myself how much I love writing. Remind you that I am here. And set the table for joyful times ahead.
Thank you for being out there.