Big News!!!

Hello friends!
So here it is, the big news I hinted at earlier… we are moving! And I could not be more excited.

The new house is perfect for us… as far as finished square footage, it is half the size of our current house, and compared to our current (beautiful but time consuming) corner lot we will have a fraction of the outdoor maintenance. AND it is… wait for it… next door to my brother and sister in law! And to answer the most common question that she and I both get asked next… YES that is a good thing 😉 Actually, it is a GREAT thing.

It’s funny… we we bought our current house, we thought we were moving in the right direction. And in hindsight, it was the right step for where we were. It was a big, beautiful home that needed a ton of work, and we have made it into a home we really love.

But this new house and all that it means… this is our new dream. More on all that later.

As you would guess, we are starting to pack up and we are treating it as pure opportunity. I will take it as a win that as I was on the phone with the moving company, the man giving us the estimate was looking at our photos from our listing and said we have “WAY less stuff than the average 5 bedroom home.” But still… we are taking this as further opportunity to only keep what we need, use, and love, and get rid of the rest. Knowing that we will have to move anything we keep is the perfect motivation to get rid of things that I might be on the fence about. I am keeping mental (and literal!) notes about the whole process, and I’m hoping to write to you all about how to create the same opportunity without actually having to move. But for now, I wanted to check in and give you all an update.

Back to the boxes!