Simplify your…um…drawers.

Have you ever found yourself rummaging through your top drawer looking for your “good” undies among a sea of tiny (but beautiful) lacy torture devices?

But it's so PRETTY!
But it’s so PRETTY!

I found myself in this situation the other day, and just to drive the point home, I remembered that I had left some of the good stuff (Thank you GapBody) in a laundry basket because when I was putting clean clothes away several days before, it wouldn’t all fit.

It sounds ridiculous because IT IS, but I realize that I have done this my whole life. I’ve allowed stuff that I don’t even care about to take up time and space in my life. The trade-off is less time and space for the people and things I do care about.

This morning I tackled my jewelry drawer. As I made my way through the mess, I found a two of pairs of earrings that I love but had completely forgotten about because they were buried under jewelry I haven’t touched in years. One pair was even my Nana’s earrings that I thought were long lost.
drawer before

And now, it looks like…
drawer after
Clutter takes from us. It takes our time and our piece of mind. It keeps us from enjoying the things that we actually do love. For me, once this clicked, it has become so clear that having all this extra stuff around is keeping me from enjoying my life to the fullest.
What did keeping all that jewelry around cost me? The worry when I thought I had lost my Nana’s earrings. The time spent rummaging through looking for what I wanted. The guilt that I never used all this stuff that I had paid for or that was given to me. And it even cost me the use of the earrings I actually loved when they got buried and lost.

So here is my challenge for us this weekend. Let’s start simple…

Find a drawer in your house that is driving you nuts with clutter. It might be your kitchen utensil drawer, your sock drawer, your junk drawer, the drawer that holds your actual drawers… doesn’t matter.

Declutter the hell outta that drawer! If you need a step-by-step, here is what works for me.
1. Pick out the things that you actually NEED, USE, or LOVE.(Remember, you have to love it for you. There was lots of jewelry in my drawer that I loved but never wore because I obviously didn’t love it on me. That gets donated!) Put them aside in a “keep pile”.

2. Look at what is left. There is a reason these things are not in your Keep pile! Go through it, just to make sure nothing important is buried (like Nana’s earrings), and toss the rest into the trash or a donate box. Be ruthless. Only add additional things to your keep pile if they REALLY fit the bill.

3. Give the drawer a quick wipe down, and then put away whatever belongs in the drawer from your keep pile.

4. If there is anything left in your keep pile, put it away in a logical place.

5. Stand back and admire your work! Notice how you can see what you need, how you won’t have to rummage anymore! Great Job!:)

If you accepted this challenge I would love to hear about it! What drawer did you declutter and how did it go?