No Resolutions and a Happy New Year!

Just a very quick post so I can get back to being the patient in my kids’ “hospital.” (cough, cough)

As usual, there is a lot of buzz about resolutions. I know this comes with the New Year, and I am all about setting goals.

But this year, as I was pondering what I might want to choose as a resolution, I was having a tough time. I am already implementing what would be my resolution… further developing and implementing the mindset to declutter my life. To choose only what is most important to me, and spend my time, money, and energy accordingly.

And then a thought popped into my head… I already have my “resolution” nailed down. So this year, I’m not going to have New Year’s Resolutions. I am going to write out a 2016 Bucket List!

And it’s going to be simple. And fun.

I told my husband my plan. His response?

“I like it.”

I won’t post it here, because I wrote it just for me. But I will say it includes things like “Quit hoarding sub days – use some to visit friends” and “Hire someone to help pull the damn weeds.”

I’m going to keep decluttering, and make sure I am keeping focus on the things and people I love. It’s going to be a great year 🙂

If you are with me, and making a Bucket List for the year, I would love to hear about it!